Study / Teaching

The following pages contain all information about teaching and further education opportunities of the chair. The contents are as follows systematized:

  • "Teaching concept" includes the marketing cycle of the elective module "marketing" (BW07) of the bachelor degree program and elective module "marketing" (MW 05) of the master degree program at a glance.
  • "Current courses" includes courses, lectures, tutorials, seminars and colloquia of the current semester.
  • "Scheduled courses" includes the activity planning for the following semester.
  • "Marketing society" includes all information on the extracurricular marketing activities.
  • "ARTAMIS" contains all information about extracurricular student projects of the cultural management club.
  • "Socrates/Erasmus" contains important information and rules for our foreign exchange students which are necessary for obtaining certificates of participation and/or performance at the chair of marketing.
  • "Scientific work" includes rules and instructions for creating a written examination like a bachelor thesis, master thesis or additional contributions, which are submitted to the chair of marketing.
Responsible for the content: E-MailProf. Dr. Peter Kenning